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For several years, Pelama Chubut has been offering yet another export product, natural fibre yarns.

We have devoted many years to their development, which has helped us attain exceptional quality products.
The yarns are mainly made out of llama fibre. The main features of this kind of fibre are listed below:

- The fibres bring natural colours into the yarns, which eliminates the need for dyeing, thus preventing environmental pollution and the use of chemicals which in certain cases may cause allergy to people, and especially babies, with sensitive skin.

- The fact that the yarns are industrial yarns means that the fibres have been previously scoured and combed. This makes for considerably silkier yarns, and guarantees that the products offered are 100% free of impurities and flawless, which translates into end products with an enhanced texture.

The gamut of natural colours ranges from white to black, through such colourways as brown, coffee and cinnamon brown, tobacco, beige, and grey. This wide variety of colours allows for a greater number of combinations and products.

We are currently producing several types of yarn which not only cater to the carpet and tapestry industries, but are also manufactured into clothing with an artisan look to it.

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