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Speciality Fibres Division

Speciality fibres have been the leitmotif behind our company throughout the last 40 years. For around 3 decades now, we have exported over 80% of all special fibres produced in Argentina. The high quality of our products, as well as the company’s continuity and customer service, are internationally praised. We offer a permanent stock in the major consumption centres in Europe and Asia. Pelama Chubut’s speciality fibres include mohair, llama, guanaco, vicuña, and angora rabbit hair, among others.

Genetic Improvement and Cattle Production

For several years, we played an active role in the quest for production breakthroughs that would benefit small goat breeders in the Argentine Provinces of Chubut, Neuquén and Río Negro. As a result, the country’s first import ever of genetic materials and live Angora goats was accomplished in 1995. Both the materials and the animals were donated to INTA [the Argentine Farm Technology Institute] in Bariloche and ARCAN [the Angora Goat Breeders' Association of Rio Negro] for their distribution among producers.

Intent on further attainment and in hopes of giving genetic improvement possibilities to even more producers, we acquired 30 hectares in 2001, with 1,000 metres lying alongside the Chubut river, where facilities were built and a centre called CAPRA —the Argentine Angora Goat Breeders’ Corporation— was put in operation for the breeding and genetic improvement of Angora goats.

Frozen semen straws were once again imported. Within a short time, animals producing 2 kilograms of mohair came to produce 4 kilograms each. In the following years, several inseminations were carried out in animals imported by CORFO Chubut —an agency for the Promotion of Chubut’s Economy. Progress in this area continues to be made.
Today, around 100 breeding males are sold each year and assistance is provided to more than a hundred breeders for them to improve production and thus enhance the quality of Argentine mohair for the benefit of all.

Wool Division

In the face of a series of domestic and international circumstances during the ‘90s, the company expanded its product line to include sheep wool.

More than ten years after, around 3 to 4 million kilograms of wool are processed each year and we occupy a leading position with respect to such types as coarse (carpet grade) wools, accounting for 55% of all country exports.

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