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Our History

A German immigrant, the company’s founder began marketing animal products from Argentina in the wake of World War II.

At its inception, the company only traded in raw wool and by-products such as bristle, horse tail and cow hair. It was only generations after that Pelama Chubut S.A. expanded its business into processed (scoured and combed) fibre.

During the ‘80s, 2.5 hectares were acquired at the industrial estate of Trelew, in the Province of Chubut (Argentina), which is the hub of the wool industrial park and the place where our factory was set up. The company’s plant facilities spread over 10,000 square metres.

In ensuing years, the company emerged as a world leader in the supply of special fibres, taking up more than 80% of the overall Argentine production.

Since 1999, investments have been made which have enabled Pelama Chubut S.A. to double its production. Currently, a new carding line for the processing of extra fine Merino wool is about to be launched, with a view to increasing production to 3,000 tons of combed wool/hair per year.

About us

Pelama Chubut S.A. is a company committed to providing the textile industry with the most fine, lofty and luxurious animal fibre.

The quality of our products is the result of the ongoing enhancement of each single production stage for generations on end.

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